can be a dangeriuos place for some website gain great popularity with it’s simple model – ask anything, but keep your person unknown. Many people in that way can ask all kind of things that are afraid in real world. Some people just communicate with that person, but wants to know something about it.

Sometimes you can kill your time with this platform by getting funny questions or some kind of tasks, e.g. film yourself playing some song with guitar.

But not always those questions are so nice and innocent. There was already some cases where students start getting offending questions from unknown people. Sometimes there is not even a question, but just a message how someone hates you. And there is nothing to do about that.

Everything would be quite good if everyone who gets that kind of question just delete them and forgot about that. But some people start worry who could send that kind of message. Maybe is my classmate, maybe something. And that is not all.

Everything would be great if you just wonder who is him or her. But some takes that seriously and this can lead even to committing suicide.

You should also know that will not provide you the information who has sent that message, they will say that they don’t have the data for that. Are you really believe in that? Every message object in the database have columns where are storing time when message was sent, sender account ID, if he was logged in, to whom was sent the message, and of course, if the sender was anonymous, what is he IP address. That is only the main information. Company are saving even more data, but that is enough to track the user down.

For this reason there are some apps and programs, who in some way connects to database and can get the this main data. One of this application is called Tracker. Tutorial: How to get more followers? is Latvia based website, where random people can ask you variuos questions. These questions not always are kind of funny, sometimes they can be even rude. But that is the price of popularity. So if you came here you probably are searching for some guide how to increase the number of people who are following you on

  • That can be quite easy task if you have many Facebook friends, Twitter or Instagram followers. Just post you account link to them and add some crazy note too. It can be: “Here is my account. Strugling to ask something in real life, ask here”

  • Try to answer funny, teasing the questioner. Nobody will follow you if your answers will be short and boring. Some people are answering questions by making short v-blog of themselves, you can try it as well. Be creative!

  • Share best answers on your Facebook wall, Twitter account.

  • Go to others accounts and ask to follow them in change they follow you. In this way you will expand the group of followers.

There is some offers how to increase the number of followers on Keep in mind, that not all the question will be easy to take.